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GO! Suite For Netbook


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If you’re NB and Desk Top user (or you have 2 or more PC), and you want synchronize your Outlook mail, normally you have to back up your Outlook everyday (maybe), it’s take time to do. This Synchronize cable can synchronize Microsoft Outlook easily. It bring great advantage for everyone of us who are Outlook frequent user.

Beside data transfer features, ours bring extra benefit for end-user, detail as below:

1.       Folder Synchronize: Sync user’s data between 2 computers.

2.       Outlook Synchronize: synchronization of Microsoft Outlook, included mail, contact, calendar, task, journal and notes. 


3.       Pen Drive function: 1G (depend on customer) NAND Flash memory with PenDrive feature, the memory capacity up to 16G.

4.       Data transfer speed: 20 M/B, the competitors about 12 M/B.

5.       No driver s/w need (Plug and Play)


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Stop worrying about how to transfer data from your old computer to the new one. You can move all your files quickly and easily with the new Synchronize Data Transfer Cable. This affordable cable provides simple USB 2.0 Plug-n-Play functionality in two easy steps - connect the Data Link into a USB port on both PCs and start transferring data. The Synchronize Cable software is already embedded on the Chip-set and will automatically load onto your system. The USB Data Transfer Cable also works between different operating systems, Windows Vista, XP and 2000, to easily setup your new computer with a fast data transfer rate of up to 20MB/second. Now you can easily share music, videos and data files with your friends or co-workers. There are no file size or capacity limitations like when using external storage media that can easily be lost or become full. The USB Synchronize Cable gives you endless possibilities.

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